Video, 2019
An amalgamation of work experimenting with screen recording software and a piece long-time in the making which experiments with mobile recording.

An Oblong of Pink
Video, 2018
The first released piece of a new body of work that used screen recording software to source movement and texture. Continuing to echo my fascination continued in-to the textural resonance of the digital video medium.

Video Commission for Phantom Project, 2017
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Camouflage Stain
Video Installation, 2016

X10:- Pŵer y Tir | Power in the Land

Under The Glaze of Hot Press Blue

Butterfly Effect
Collaborative project
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Artist In Residence
Residency, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2013

Llosgi Gwynt | Burning Wind
Project, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, 2015

Altering The Meandering Existence
Sound commission, ICA, London 2012

Ever Drifting Uncertainty

Residency Peak District

Two Måner
Collaborative installation, 2010

Fallen (The Seasonal Sound of Senescence)
Residency, CADE (Centre for the Arts and Design in the Environment) and Writtle Horticultural College, Essex

2012 Legacy Commission
Essex County Council commission 2009-2012

Residency and exhibition, Benham Gallery, Colchester

Cross Mentoring Project
Collaborative curation project working with Linda Theophilus, supported by ACE and Firstsite, 2009