Background 'Ever Drifting In Uncertainty', 2013, photo Veronika Geiger.
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I Like This Place And Willingly Could Waste My Time In It*

26th July - 20th September, 2014
Main Gallery, Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Aberystwyth, Wales

Crashing waves, wind farms, stunning landscapes, farmed animals, ice cream by the pier; a handful of the everyday experiences of living in this part of the world. This exhibition brings together artworks which reflect an aspect of this rural seaside town, including a sculpture made of sand, photographs of piers, a video work incorporating sounds of coal and of wind farms; paintings in response to different landscapes both wild and managed; portraits of the animals we eat and more. Showing the very different methods and media artists can use to convey meaning, the exhibition is also an affectionate reflection of some facets of being in a place like Aberystwyth.

Artists include: Andrew Baynes, Chris Clunn, Robert Davies,
Danny Markey, Jenny Mulcahy, Anna Noel, Jill O'Sullivan,
Tim Skinner, Jenni Steele, Catrin Webster, Stephen West.

*Shakespeare: As you like it


Power In The Land | Pŵer yn y Tir

Power in the Land is a new initiative in North Wales bringing together a dynamic, diverse and multi-talented group of 10 artists to engage with issues of nuclear energy and the land. Timed to come to fruition just as the last nuclear power station in Wales shuts down at the end of 2015, Pŵer yn y Tir will address both the local and the wider world and aims to present works in video, sound, performance, installation and in graphic and photographic forms. The artworks may be in the land, in exhibition and gallery spaces, in book form or online, in Wales and elsewhere. The 10 artists will respond to the physical, material and energetic presence of the power station as well as locating it within the landscape, within the social community and within historical time. Researching, recording and working on the site together, reaction and interaction with each other will become part of the work as each artist attempts to come to grips with the conundrums of nuclear power, the energy issues of our time and the legacy of a major power institution on the landscape of the future. The artists have been chosen for their exhibiting experience, their creativity and their willingness to explore beyond the obvious, to experiment and to engage in creative dialogue with each other.

Participating Artists

Ant Dickinson, Annie Grove-White, Helen Grove-White, Bridget Kennedy, Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Chris Oakley,
Teresa Paiva, Robin Tarbet, Tim Skinner, Alana Tyson.


Sensory Exploration

A collaboration between myself new media artist and sculptor Em Milner engaging SEN children with contemporary practices with a view to creating a new body of multi-sensory work.

Em Milner is an early career sculptor, has recently completed a MA Sculptural Practice course at Colchester School of Art. It is a really exciting project, Em has an intoxicating approach to art, really looking forward to working with her and engaging the children with our practices.

The collaboration will see us work closely with one local Colchester based SEN school, and will be facilitated by major contemporary art institution Firstsite.

The project will start in September 2014 and will run until early January 2015.

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